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Notice of Commissary

Lawrence County Sheriff's Office


RE: Commissary, Detainee Property and Inmate Banking

This is to inform you that the Lawrence County Jail has changed to a new commissary vendor, where hygiene products, and other select items, may be purchased for detainees. The Lawrence County Jail quit allowing items to be brought in to the jail in 2016 and began allowing detainees or their family and friends to purchase hygiene and other items from commissary. Items may be ordered by detainees who have money on their account.

If you wish to add money to their account, you may do so with cash, credit or debit card on the ATM in the jail lobby. For your convenience, you may also add money to their account
or order commissary items for them on the internet by going to this website: and following directions on the site.

Jail staff cannot accept money from the public to place on Detainee Banking Accounts. This can only be done through the ATM or via the website. There are some restrictions on quantity and frequency certain items may be purchased (i.e. how many ibuprofen they can order, how often they can order playing cards, etc.). Upon their release, any balance on their account will be placed on a debit card.

We will also begin selling $5 and $10 phone cards. The phone cards will allow detainees to make calls from the inmate phone system for 4 cents a minute less than the collect and pre-paid destination calls. Phone time will not be available on the website at this time and must be purchased by the detainees directly from the jail. They must have enough money on their accounts to make the purchase. Thank you for your patience as we transition to this new service.

Lawrence County Jail

Click here for a printable version of the Notice of Commissary.