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Reserve Division


A Reserve Deputy Sheriff is a part-time volunteer Law Enforcement Officer. He or she has completed State mandated training which parallels that received by a full-time paid Law Enforcement Officer. Depending on the level of training received, Reserve Deputies either work under the supervision of a full-time regular Deputy or, if qualified (appointed and has completed the mandatory 40-hour FTO program), work independently like any of the other full-time Deputies.

Reserve Deputy Sheriffs volunteer their time to serve the community when they are not otherwise engaged in pursuing their regular careers. Normally, to remain current in the program, they must work a minimum of 8 hours per month and attend quarterly reserve meetings/training.

Reserve Deputies have full peace officer power when on or off duty. Since many of our Reserve Deputies go on to accept regular full-time appointments with the Sheriff's Office or other agencies, there is always a continuing need for new Reserve Deputy Sheriffs.

The Reserve Division has its own rank structure and deputies are provided the same in-service training as the full-time Deputies. A fleet of cars is assigned to the Reserve Division. The primary duties include routine patrol, answering "911" calls for service, crime scene protection, community service and events, traffic control, court security/bailiff, and disaster response or as deemed necessary by the Sheriff.



show_image.php.jpgDeputy Thomas Taylor #501

Deputy Foin Morrison #502

Mareth.jpgDeputy Levi Mareth #507

show_image.php.jpgDeputy Robert Foulk #508






Deputy Ryan Snow.jpgDeputy Ryan Snow #509






Deputy Mike Thorn #510











Nine reserve deputies pose for a photo next to a red truck Helicopter N383F hovering above an open area of grass.
Reserve Division walking through tall plants Reserve deputy poses for a photo with some tall plants that were pulled from the ground.