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The administrative staff manages the "business" side of the Sheriff's Office. In addition to financial and operational responsibilities, they have daily contact with the public in the office and by phone.

The office personnel coordinate all clerical and record keeping duties for the Sheriff's Office, directly managing the accounts payable processes, making monthly settlements with the County Treasurer for all monies received. In addition, they serve as the Sheriff's Secretary and Administrative Assistants.

This office is accountable for receiving, maintaining, and tracking all civil process that is presented to the Sheriff's Office. These include Orders of Protection, Summonses, Subpoenas, Eviction Notices, and various Writs.

In addition this office is answerable for maintaining complete files of all Incident/Offense Reports submitted by the various deputies, and distributing Reports to other agencies as requested.

A new feature has been added for your convenience. Civil process fees can now be submitted electronically by using the below link.

Click to make a payment. We make it easy to pay for civil payments.

By clicking on the above image, you will be sent to another website for the processing of credit/debit card transaction. The agreement and transaction is a contract between the vendor and you and the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office is not responsible for any losses of information, data or other information during that process. The processing center does charge a transaction fee of 4% with a minimum of $2. Once a transaction is processed, the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office cannot refund the service fee electronically.

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