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Detective Division

Lt. Chris Berry
Lt. Chris Berry

The Detective division at the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office is responsible for many different areas within the Sheriff's Office. Their primary duty is to follow up on initial investigation reports that have been made by the citizens of Lawrence County.

Once an initial report has been made, a detective within the division is assigned the case and that detective follows all possible leads in order to solve the case. On average, a detective may be assigned over 300 cases per year to follow up on.

Other duties include interviewing suspects and persons of interest in crimes as well as interviewing the victims of the crimes. The Detective Division works closely with surrounding agencies sharing information so that crimes can be worked more efficiently.

Each detective in the agency receives specialized training in certain fields. Currently all of the detectives are certified crime scene investigators which provides an additional benefit while working crime scenes.

The Detective Division is supervised by Lt. Chris Berry. Also, in the division are Sgt. Melissa Phillips, Sgt. James Kotlarz, Sgt. Jeff Romine and Sgt. Jason Lacey.

Sgt. Melissa Phillips
Sgt. Melissa Phillips
Sgt. Jeff Romine
Sgt. Jeff Romine
Lacey, Jason det (450 x 600).jpg
Sgt. Jason Lacey#148

Kotlarz - Detective (450 x 600).jpg
Sgt. James Kotlarz #143

Lt. Chad Garoutte
Lt. Chad Garoutte #140

Training Division