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Patrol Division

Lt. Jon Ford
Lt. Jon Ford

The Patrol Division is supervised under the direction of Lt. Jon Ford. In addition to Lt. Ford, the Patrol Division consists of Sgt. Mike Thorn, Deputy Brady Hayward, Deputy Levi Mareth, Corporal Stephen Vollmer, Deputy Derek Perkins, Corporal Brenden Richardson, Deputy Joey Skaggs, Deputy Conner Anderson, Deputy Sean Gilbert, Deputy Ryan Devost, Deputy Alvin Zabala.  Deputy Mike Madewell and Deputy Jarrod O'Hara serve as a School Resource Officers for Marionville and Pierce City.

The patrol division's job functions include answering and handling all calls for service, patrolling all state and county roads, traffic enforcement, civil process, execution of search warrants, public relation events and assisting other agency's in and around Lawrence County.

The patrol division covers 625 square miles, with a total of 10 uniformed patrol deputies and 1 uniformed civil process server. The patrol division serves the citizens of Lawrence County with 24-hour 7 day a week coverage.


Deputy Mike Thorn
Sgt. Mike Thorn
Deputy Derek Perkins
Deputy Derek Perkins
Deputy Brady Hayward
Deputy Brady Hayward
Deputy Levi Mareth
Deputy Levi Mareth
Deputy Stephen Vollmer
Corporal Stephen Vollmer
Deputy Joey Skaggs
Deputy Joey Skaggs
Deputy Brenden Richardson
Corporal Brenden Richardson

zabala (400 x 600).jpg
Deputy Alvin Zabala  #142

Deputy Sean Gilbert  #144
Devost, Ryan (402 x 601).jpg
Deputy Ryan Devost #149
Anderson, Conner (450 x 600).jpg
Deputy Conner Anderson #150

O'Hara (450 x 600).jpg
Deputy Jarrod O'Hara #503

Madewelll Uniform (450 x 600).jpg
Deputy Mike Madewell #504




LCSO Website sticker added to the back of the sheriffs patrol car window.
LCSO Web Address Added To Patrol Cars
LCSO new humvee parked next to a patrol car.
New Humvee In Use
LCSO new humvee side view. The color of the humvee is a camo mix of brown, black and green.
New Humvee In Use
12-17-09 End of Felony Pursuit. Cops standing around a red truck.
12-17-09 End of Felony Pursuit
12-17-09 End of Felony Pursuit. At least 12 patrol cars are parks near the woods.
12-17-09 End of Felony Pursuit
DWI Taskforce Checkpoint
DWI Taskforce Checkpoint
Back of Sheriffs SUV LCSO DWI Vehicle in service
DWI Vehicle in service 
M.A.D.D. Officer - Deputy Ryan Devost
M.A.D.D. Officer of the Year Deputy Ryan Devost