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Bailiff Division

Sgt. James Eden
Sgt. James Eden

The opening of the new Judicial Center in March of 2009 in Lawrence County caused the need for increased manpower to cover new responsibilities. The Bailiff division is under the direction of Sgt. James Eden. The division also includes Corporal Mary McCoy, Corporal Gary Klossing, Deputy Rick Sipes, Deputy Richard Kennedy, Deputy Brian Dye and Bailiff Gary Stockton.

The Bailiff division took on some new roles such as Civil Process, Sex Offender Validations, Sex Offender Investigations, Transports within the state including writs, D.O.C. commits, and transfers, also the new responsibilities included having a deputy posted at the front entrance running the metal detector for all persons entering the new Judicial Center, transporting inmates back and forth to court, opening and locking up the new Judicial Center, as well as the traditional role of standing in the court and announcing "all rise" as the judges enter and leave the court rooms.


Sipes, Rick (400 x 600).jpg
Deputy Rick Sipes #251

Klossing, Gary (450 x 600).jpg
Cpl. Gary Klossing

Cpl McCoy.jpg
Cpl. Mary McCoy #253

Deputy Richard Kennedy #255

Dye, Brian (450 x 600).jpg
Deputy Brian Dye #256

Stockton, Gary (450 x 600).jpg
Jailor Gary Stockton #257