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Jail Division

Lt. Doug Bounous
Lt. Doug Bounous

The Lawrence County Jail is under the leadership and direction of Lt. Doug Bounous. In addition to Lt. Bounous the Jail Division is staffed by Sgt. David Carnagey, Deputy Cynthia Printz, Deputy Keith Williams, Deputy Brian Mincey, Deputy Jessica Dulany, Deputy Jedidiah Wimsatt,  Deputy Patrick Holtmann, Deputy Richard Kennedy, Deputy Joshua Gerona and Deputy Noah Morris. The jail is also staffed by civilian jailers. Jailers, Rebecca Burton, Michelle Fobair, Laura Hostetter, Geoffrey Davis, Mariela Ortiz-Rodriguez, Gage Jeffrey, Bianca Montalvo and Marissa Laxton.

The Jail Facility is a fifty two bed facility. It has been expanded over the years to its current capacity from a thirty two bed facility. The breakdown of these beds is thirty two general population, twelve female population, four protective custody, and four segregation.

All persons arrested in Lawrence County (with the exception of Aurora and Monett municipal charges) and taken into custody are transported to the Lawrence County Jail for book-in and incarceration. The Lawrence County Jail houses both adult male and female inmates for pre-trial and convicted inmates who are serving sentences or awaiting transport to the Missouri Department of Corrections.

The inmates have access to local television stations, and are also able to correspond through the inmate phone system and sending and receiving postcards through the USPS. The Lawrence County Jail is contracted with an on call doctor who also comes in to examine the inmates. During the normal business week we also have a nurse who oversees all medical requests and work with the doctor to deal with the medical requests. Meals for inmates are prepared by the on duty jailer. The basic jail menu for all inmates consists of oatmeal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and beans and cornbread for supper.

Each member of the Lawrence County Jail Staff is P.O.S.T. certified through the State of Missouri. They also receive a minimum of forty eight hours of continuing education every three years. The jail staff is responsible for receiving and intake process for all prisoners. This includes computer book-in, Live scan, Iris scan, DNA collection, photography, searching, monitoring all security video, observing inmate's activities, communicate with the inmates, incoming calls pertaining to the inmates and/or jail operations, and other assignments with in the jail facility.

Jailer Becky Burton
Jailer Becky Burton

Davis, Geoffrey (450 x 600).jpg
Jailer Geoffrey Davis # 281

Jailer Michelle Fobair
Jailer Michelle Fobair #282

Jailer Marissa Laxton #283  

Jailer Laura Hostetter
Jailer Laura Hostetter #285

Carnagey, David (450 x 600).jpg
Sgt. David Carnagey #205

Montalvo, Bianca (450 x 600).jpg
Jailor Bianca Montalvo #201

Kennedy (450 x 600).jpg
Deputy Richard Kennedy #202

Jeffrey, Gage (450 x 600).jpg
Jailor Gage Jeffrey #203


Deputy Cynthia PrintzDeputy Cynthia Printz #206

Mincey, Brian (450 x 600).jpgDeputy Brian Mincey #207

Deputy Keith Williams.jpgDeputy Keith Williams #208

Holtmann (450 x 600).jpg
Deputy Patrick Holtmann #209

Gerona Deputy (450 x 600).jpg
Deputy Joshua Gerona #210

Wimsatt (450 x 600).jpg
Deputy Jedidiah Wimsatt#211

SAM_0174 (450 x 600).jpg
Deputy Jessica Dulany #212


Rodriguez, Mariella (450 x 600).jpg
Jailor Mariela Ortiz-Rodriguez #214

Deputy Noah Morris #215



New Pink Cells
New Pink Cells
Female Holding Area
Female Holding Area
Cell Block
Cell Block
Steel Mesh on Ceiling
Steel Mesh on Ceiling
Visiting Area
Visiting Area


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