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Things Getting Hairy at Sheriff's Office


Deputies and Employees of the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office will soon start to change, in looks that is.  Starting October 1, 2019 they will begin growing beards and/or dressing down.  The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office has once again kicked off its annual internal fundraiser to support a county children's charity that provides Christmas gifts to those children in Lawrence County in need at Christmas time.

Under normal protocol, deputies must be clean shaven and in a standard class A or B uniform while on duty.  However, in an effort to raise money for the charity, they may pay a fine during the months of October, November and December to grow facial hair or chose an alternate uniform.

So if you see a "hairy" deputy or one that doesn't appear to be in a normal uniform, please be patient.  It's for a wonderful cause.  Come January 1, 2020 they will be back to "normal'.