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Sheriff Reminds Citizens to Mark Addresses on Residences


The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office wants to remind citizens the importance of making sure that their residences are marked and easily identifiable from roadways.

Recent incidents have proven difficult for emergency responders to locate residences in need of assistance because of the lack of visible address and/or deteriorated addresses.

While we do have the latest 911 system available for use in Lawrence County, which aids in locating residences, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will locate it exactly.  Responders are the final piece of the puzzle when you call and if they can't locate your address, precious time is wasted.

The Sheriff's Office encourages home owners to place at least 3" reflective numbers and lettering near the roadway/driveway to your residence.  This could be on a mailbox, stand alone address sign or other item capable of displaying this information.  An alternate method would be to place the same numbers/letters on a conspicuous place on the residence itself if it is close enough to the roadway.

While we hope you never need us, we are asking you to help us in the event you do.

Thank you,

Sheriff DeLay