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New Year's Pursuit Leads to Drug Arrest


William G. Hall 

William G. Hall

120g of Methamphetamine

Approx. 120g methamphetamine


Just after midnight on January 1, 2018 a deputy was responding to a call when a vehicle blew through a 4 way intersection at a high rate of speed nearly striking the deputies vehicle.

The deputy then attempted to stop the vehicle but the vehicle refused to yield to the patrol car.  A chase ensued from just outside the city limits of Monett through the county and ended up in the Aurora city limits.

It was determined during the pursuit that the license plates on the vehicle were reported stolen.  The chase ended when the two subjects who were inside the vehicle slowed the vehicle and bailed out of it with the vehicle still rolling.

Both suspects, one male and one female fled the scene.  The vehicle continued to roll and ended up stopped after striking a building.

Officers with the Aurora Police Department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol along with Lawrence County were able to take the driver, a male subject into custody.  The female subject was not located.

While being taken into custody, the male subject was in possession of a small black bag that contained approximately 120 grams of what is believed to be methamphetamine bagged in separate bags.

Charged with drug trafficking is William G. Hall, 37 of Pierce City, MO.

More charges may be pending.