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Lawrence County Sheriff's Office Releases Youth Seat Belt Enforcement Results


The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office participated in the statewide youth seat belt mobilization conducted March 15-31.  During the enforcement effort, officers issued a total of five (5) traffic tickets including: two (2) seat belt tickets; one (1) speeding ticket and two (2) other tickets for traffic violations.  Two (2) felony arrests were made and one fugitive was apprehended as a result of the crackdown.  44 warnings were issued for other various traffic offenses.

"Seat belts are your single best defense in a crash," stated Sheriff Brad DeLay.  "Law enforcement will continue to encourage drivers to make a simple, smart choice to buckle up and Arrive Alive."

Despite evidence proving the benefits of wearing a seat belt, 33 percent of teens do not buckle up.  Eight out of ten Missouri teens killed in traffic crashes are unbuckled.

Buckle Up and Arrive Alive.  For more information on Missouri seatbelt usage, visit