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Dispatch to Move into Barry County


The Lawrence County Commission has voted to move dispatching operations to the Monett Justice/911 Center in Monett effective August 1, 2015.

Several changes will be coming within the next two months in preparation for this move.  The most significant will be how some citizens make requests for officers for non-emergency situations.

Currently residents who live inside the cities of Mt. Vernon and Miller call the Sheriff's Office number to request an officer.  The same goes for residents living in the rural portions of the county.  An attempt is being made to direct calls to the Monett dispatch using that same number.  However, if unsuccessful, all residents will need to dial a different number that goes directly to Monett.  That current number is 417-235-4241 or 417-235-4169.

Citizens will also no longer be able to make walk-in reports at the current dispatch/jail location.  Once dispatch is moved, it will be a jail only facility and not capable of taking walk-in reports.  This means that citizens will again need to call 417-235-4241 or 417-235-4169or drive to Monett PD to request an officer.  There may be other options available from other jurisdictions to close this gap as well.

Emergency calls will not change.  The emergency number still remains 911.  This change only affects non-emergency requests.

As more changes take place, information will be released.