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Commission Looking to Send Dispatch and County Tax Dollars to Barry County


Changes in dispatching could soon be coming to Lawrence County.  Currently dispatching services for the Sheriff's Office and several smaller agencies are handled by the Lawrence County 911 dispatch. 

One of the primary concerns has been that the 911 dispatch is located in the center of the Lawrence County Jail.  Another concern has been that the equipment is aging and may eventually need replaced.

As part of the process, a 911 steering committee was developed by the county commission to make recommendations as to a direction in which to go with improving services.  One recommendation was to send it to another 911 center, either in Aurora, Lawrence County or Monett, Barry County which has the same aging equipment.

Several issues with those recommendations were expressed by the Sheriff's Office.  One being that services would not be improved just moved another direction.  Another, that nearly $250,000.00 of Lawrence County tax dollars would be sent annually to Barry County.

Another recommendation was to provide a one time cost of upgrading equipment in the Lawrence County dispatch until a joint communications center for the entire county could be established.

The decision has not yet been made and the process is on going but changes for several entities could affect services that they receive.  Jail operations could also be drastically affected which could risk the safety of deputies working in the jail.

Citizens with questions are encourage to contact the county commission at 417-466-3666 or the Sheriff at 417-466-2131.