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Sheriff's Office Website Gets Facelift


The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office website has received a facelift.  In an effort to provide a more user friendly site and offer more options for users the website design and function has changed.

Users will notice a new format but all of the old services are still available.  Sex offender information, current inmate roster, warrants, etc. are all still available.  The front page of the site updates users on the last inmate to be booked into the Lawrence County Jail.

Users can still sign up for alerts through text messaging and email.  Probably the most significant addition to the site is the addition of a Facebook account.  Users can track activities through their Facebook page as well as receive alerts.

The Facebook page will also be used to send alerts, crime watches, special events and other activities of the Sheriff's Office.  This addition to social media will continue to assure the citizens that deputies are hard at work for you and also continue the transparency of the office.

And finally, a user poll module has been added.  From time to time the Sheriff will be asking questions of users.  The questions could range from law enforcement to community concerns.  This feedback will provide valuable information that can be used to enhance the operations of the Sheriff's Office.

We hope the website will continue to be an asset to our community.