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CCW Instructors May Now Join Statewide Instructor List


With the implementation of the new CCW equipment at the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office, another module has been added to the system as well.

Certified CCW instructors may now add their names to a list that can be used statewide.  Instructors who wish to be put on the statewide instructor list must register with the county Sheriff's Office in which they reside.

Instructors must bring a signed, notarized copy of their lesson plans that includes the latest updates in changes to the laws.  They must also bring a current instructor license and $10.00 registration fee.  By registering for this list, the instructor if approved, can now instruct CCW students from anywhere in the state.  The previous law only allowed instructors to instruct if the Sheriff of the County approved them to do so in their county.  If they are approved for the statewide list, there is no need to go county to county to register. 

The registration for this list is an annual registration and will need renewed once a year at a cost of $10.00.