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Sheriff's Auxiliary to Begin Patrolling


The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office Auxiliary has begun patrolling county areas to assist the Sheriff's Office.  The Auxiliary is a civilian wing of the Sheriff's Office made up of citizen volunteers through out the county.

These volunteers on their own time, using their own gas and vehicles have organized patrols to assist the Sheriff's Office with manpower.  Auxiliary members will be in two person patrols in personal vehicles.  The vehicles will be marked to give identity to the patrols with placards on the vehicles.  Auxiliary members will also be carrying photo identification.

The auxiliary was formed to provide needed assistance to the Sheriff's Office and citizens of the county with manpower and support in times of need.  It was formed shortly after the Joplin Tornado and works with the county CERT team as well.  It's most recent use will be to supplement Sheriff's Office patrols in hopes of deterring and discouraging cattle rustlers in the county.

Anyone wishing to find out more information on the auxiliary may go to their website at