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Please Excuse Our Hair


The Lawrence County Sheriff is asking for tolerance and patience starting October 1 through November 30, 2013 when dealing with scraggly deputies and civilian personnel.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office will be conducting an internal fund raiser to help support the Missouri Rehabilitation Center's annual toy drive.  This toy drive has been conducted for several years now and is an opportunity for the Sheriff's Office to give back to the community it serves. 

Under normal circumstances, the wearing of beards and anything but a regular class a or other approved uniform is against policy.  However, the Sheriff has elected to set that aside for two months.  Deputies will be allowed to grow (or at least attempt to grow) a beard, goatee, mustache or other types of facial hair to support the fund raiser. 

Those deputies and civilian staff who cannot or do not wish to grow hair on their face are given an alternative.  They will be allowed to "dress down" where appropriate for the same time period.  They must pay a "fine" in order to do so.  All fines will be give to the MRC toy drive.

So when you see a deputy or someone from the Sheriff's Office who looks a little rough, it's not because they don't care, its the opposite.  They do care for a good cause.

Photos to follow in about two months!