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Popular Scam is Making a Comeback


Several calls have been received by the Sheriff's Office and the Prosecuting Attorney's Office regarding a check cashing scam.  The Sheriff and Prosecuting Attorney are warning all citizens not to fall victim to this reoccurring scam.

Residents will either receive a phone call or letter by mail asking them to cash a check in the amount of $500 to $10,000.  They advise the victim that they need them to cash a check because they are unable to do so for various reasons.  The scammer tells the victim that if they cash the check for them they can keep half of the money and then send the other half back to the scammer.

This all sounds good until you cash the check at your local bank or wherever you cash checks.  By doing so, you provide all of your personal information including social security numbers, birth dates, account numbers, etc. to the scammer.

From this point, the scammer now has all of your information and goes on a free for all including emptying you bank accounts and buying whatever they want at your expense.

The old adage is applies to this situation of "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is."  Nobody gives away free money, not even the government.

Be safe and make wise decisions.