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Questions are answered on CCW procedures.


Several people have asked what they need to do to obtain a CCW permit in Lawrence County.  Below are answers to the most common questions. 


What to bring:

  • training certificate from Approved Instructor
  • A valid photo ID, with current address information
  • fee of $100.00, cash, correct amount only, or check

Where to go:

The Sheriff’s Office is located on the lower level of the Justice Center, 240 N. Main St, Suite 10, Mt. Vernon, MO.

Is an appointment necessary?

Applicants may come at any time, Wednesday or Friday from 8 am – 4 pm.   The office will be closed from 12 to 1 pm.


What happens next?

Fingerprinting is done at the Lawrence CO Jail, located a block east of the Justice Center on Water Street. 

  • Children are not allowed in the booking area.
  • Applicants will be required to wait in the lobby, if Jail personnel are busy. 
  • Fingerprinting may be done anytime jail personnel are available, so if there is a wait, applicant may return with paperwork at another time.

How long does the process take after applicant is fingerprinted?

Usually, seven to ten business days.  Applicant will receive a call if approved, or written notice if the application has been denied.

What’s next?

Approved applicants will return to the Sheriff’s Office to sign application to be taken to the License Office.

Applicants may go directly from the Sheriff’s Office to the License Office.  However, the applicant may have to wait for paperwork to be processed.

The applicant has seven days to have an ID card made at the License Office.  The cost is $5.50, and the card will be renewed with the CCW.

Until April 2013 – Applicants 65 or older are not required to present a passport or birth certificate.

Beginning April 2013-A passport, or birth certificate, and valid driver’s license is required at the License Office.

Beginning April 2013, the CCW ID card will be mailed to the applicant.

Notices of renewal are sent by mail, every three years.



Applicants are responsible to notify the License Office and the Sheriff’s Office if you move.

If you move from Lawrence CO, you must notify both the Lawrence CO Sheriff’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office in the county you are moving.