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Sheriff's Office Receives Grant for Statewide Marijuana Eradication


The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office has received grant money to conduct a statewide marijuana eradication program.  In previous years the Missouri Sheriff's Association (MSA) has applied for the grant and dispersed monies to participating agencies.

Due to policy changes, MSA was no longer eligible for funds so the program was essentially dead.  Sheriff Brad DeLay then picked up the task of re-applying for the grant funds in order to save the program. 

After several months of working with other agencies including, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Sheriff's Office was approved for funds to continue and support the statewide program.  The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office received $45,000 in funds to be distributed to Sheriff's Offices across the state who are participating in the program.

Along with those grant funds, the Sheriff's Office has established an agreement with the Missouri National Guard to provide air support in the operations.  Several counties have already expressed interest and have received funds to continue their eradications programs.

The funds received are to be used to pay officers to work eradication details.