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Sheriff Reminds Citizens to Properly Display Addresses at Rural Residences


Sheriff Brad DeLay is offering a reminder to rural residents to properly display addresses on their rural residences.

While the address may show up in on a 911 call to the dispatch, Deputies, EMS, and Fire Departments do not have the luxury of having 911 maps readily available when responding to calls.  When an emergency responder needs to locate a resident or victim in a hurry, it becomes difficult for them when there is no marked address.  To make matters worse, Missouri is the only state in the United States that does not provide cell phone location to 911. 

A simple sign can be reflective with the house number near the driveway or on a a mail box that leads to the residence.  In the case where multiple mailboxes may be at the end of a road or several driveways, further identification is needed to show the emergency responder where to go.

Not having addresses properly displayed can lead to slower response times to emergency services because they waste valuable time trying to locate the proper address.  This time can result in making a minor issue a very serious and sometimes life threatening.

The Sheriff's Office urges residents to stop at a local retailer to purchase the necessary items needed to help identify their residence.