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Lawrence County Sheriff Brad DeLay to be Featured in State Magazine


Lawrence County Sheriff Brad DeLay will be featured in the Missouri Sheriff's Association Magazine in September 2012.  The magazine is a publication of the Missouri Sheriff's Association that contains news from Sheriff's Offices around the state.  Updates on legislation, technology and problems facing Missouri Sheriff's are featured in the magazine.

Sheriff DeLay will be featured for the accomplishments that the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office has achieved.  These include the maintaining a Victim's Advocate. renovation of the jail, the jail an inmates pink colors, jail menu selection and the inmate trash pick up program.

The issue will be available in September 2012 and also available for the first time as an on line resource.  Member of the Missouri Sheriff's Association will receive a copy as part of their membership.  Anyone wishing to join the Missouri Sheriff's Association and support Missouri Sheriff's may do so by going to the Association's website at