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Dispatch Upgrades Radio System


The Lawrence County Dispatch is now using new radio control consoles.  Over the past few years the Sheriff's Office has been relying on consoles to operate and dispatch for several other agencies.  Because of their age and changing technology, the system was becoming less effective.  In recent months, the system had failed completely leaving no radio communications for officers or emergency personnel.

Thanks to the Lawrence County Emergency Management Director, Chet Hunter, and the Lawrence County Commission, funds were made available to upgrade to the current system.  The new system is a computer based dispatching system that has many advantages over the old.

First, being a PC based system, maintenance will be a lot easier.  The new system also has the ability to operate more frequencies as well as preform more functions than the older system.  In the past, when the system would go down, technicians would possible have to drive several miles to the Sheriff's Office to even start diagnosis of the system.  Now, that process can be started and hopefully corrected remotely.

By being able to handle more channels, the Sheriff's Office can now preform back up dispatching if needed for surrounding agencies.  The new system is also capable of switching over to new radio requirements that are supposed to take effect in 2013.