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Sheriff's Office Expands Website


Have you ever wondered if have an old unpaid speeding ticket?  Or forgot about a court date?  Or thought the police might be looking for the person next door?  If so, there is a new tool available for citizens to use.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office has launched a new section to its website.  The new additions now include a warrants section and a "deadbeat" section.  Citizens can now look to the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office website to see all active warrants issued from the Lawrence County Courts as well as municipal warrants from Marionville, Miller, Mt. Vernon, Pierce City, and Verona.

This new upgrade was brought as a service to the citizens of Lawrence County who want to know if and when warrants are issued.  A service that can be used by victims wanting to know an on going status of their cases, attorney's who may represent those with warrants and those who have warrants themselves.

Sheriff Brad DeLay commissioned the new addition not only for public information but in hopes of clearing some of the nearly 3000 warrants that are out there.  In many cases people may have had a warrant issued because they forgot a court date, forgot to pay a fine, or moved and paperwork did not reach them at their new address.  By posting these warrants, it is Sheriff DeLay's hope that many of them can be cleared, cases closed and additional revenue can be brought in to repay victim's restitution and court costs.

If your name appears on the warrant list, Sheriff DeLay advises that your next step in clearing the warrant is to contact the courts at 417-466-2463 for instructions on what to do next.

Another section added is the "deadbeat" section.   A deadbeat parent is a term referring to obligor parents of either gender that have freely chosen not to be a financially supportive parent in their children's lives. Primarily used in the US and Canada, the gender-specific deadbeat dad and deadbeat mom are commonly used by the child support agency to refer to men and women who have fathered or mothered a child and willingly fail to pay child support ordered by a family law court or statutory agency such as the Child Support Agency.

These upgrades to the website are intended to provide a more open means of communication between the public and the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office.