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Sheriff's Office launches inmate litter crew program


inmates picking up trash on side of road

Lawrence County inmates begin trash pick up

inmates with trash bags and two sheriff vehicles parked on side of road

Litter pick up in Lawrence County

litter detail inmates with two deputies
Litter detail

Wednesday April 20, 2011 marked the beginning of the new Lawrence County Inmate litter crew program.  Sheriff Brad DeLay has initiated the new program to benefit not only the citizens of Lawrence County but also the inmates themselves.

The program is believed to be the first in recent history in which inmates in Lawrence County are used for road side pick up.  Inmates selected for the detail are considered low escape risk and are volunteers from the general population.  Inmates are recommend by the jail staff based on behavior and any discipline problems and then selected for the detail.

Inmates are then transported to various locations through out the county and begin removing trash from our roadways.  The full trash bags are then left roadside and staff with the Missouri Department of Transportation remove and dispose of the trash properly.

It is the intention of Sheriff DeLay to make this a regular program and eventually working to the point of at least once a week as weather and eligible inmates are available.  Sheriff DeLay beleives the first outing was a huge success as inmates gathered nearly 65 bags of trash left along the highway.