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Sheriff's Office receives computer grant


The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office has been notified that it has received a grant from the Missouri Police Chiefs Charitable Foundation.  The grant award will equip all full time patrol and detective cars with Mobile Data Terminals.  The MDT's will allow deputies to run warrant checks, license plates, driver's licenses and have real time communication between out of county agencies all from their patrol vehicles.  Deputies will soon also be able to due incident reports from the vehicle which will keep deputies available on the road and keep them from having to return to the office to complete reports.

This is a plus not only for the deputies on duty but also dispatchers and other agencies who must also "share" the services of the Lawrence County dispatch.  By using the MDTs, less traffic will have to be run on county radio channels by deputies thus freeing up valuable air time.

The grant also includes all equipment, instalation of equipment and one year of service for the computers.  The grant award is estimated to be a value of $75,000.00.