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Sheriff's Office goes online with video arraignment.


The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office will now be using a new video conferencing system to arraign inmates who are in custody at the Lawrence County Jail.  This system links into a system already in use by Lawrence County Courts that allows inmates to have court proceedings while in the custody of the Department of Corrections.  This saves both time and fuel for the Sheriff's Office by not having to bring inmates back to Lawrence County for each and every court appearance.

The system that has gone on-line in the jail will add to the security of both the jail and the Judicial Center by not having to transport inmates to and from court on an everyday basis.  While not all court proceedings will be able to use this system, a majority of them will.  By using this system.  Inmates will be arraigned inside the jail when necessary thus never leaving the confines of the secure jail.

This system was purchased with funds from the Law Enforcement Restitution Fund.