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Alert Deputy catches burglar.


On Wednesday June 3, 2010 a Lawrence County Deputy in the Mt. Vernon area apprehended a suspect wanted by Aurora Police in two burglaries that had just occurred in their city.

Just moments after two burlaries were committed in the City of Aurora a dispatch went out to surrounding agencies to be on the look out for a vehicle in which a suspect was driving just after committing burglaries in Aurora.  In one of the burglaries the homeowner was at the residence and was confronted by the suspect.

The deputy observed a vehicle matching the description at a gas station in Mt. Vernon.  The deputy approached the vehicle to make contact with the driver.  At that time no one was in the vehicle but the deputy observed items that were taken in the burglaries to be in the vehicle. 

The deputy then backed away to safely observe the vehicle and wait for the suspect.  A short time later, a subject approached the vehicle and attempted to enter the vehicle when the deputy again approached the vehicle and took the suspect into custody.

Items from the burglaries were recovered and the suspect was turned over to the Aurora Police Department pending further charges.