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Cattle Rustling


As many of you know, cattle is a big industry in southwest Missouri and especially here in Lawrence County.  In an effort to help deter theft, we along with other area law enforcement agencies have held meetings, demonstrations on branding and other ideas that may come in handy.

It appears we are making an impact.  Thanks to the vigilance of area farmers and neighbors, the numbers have at least temporarily gone down.  Unfortunately our neighbors all around us are still taking hits.  So I expect attempts to be just around the corner so I ask that just because there is a lull and some progress is made, don't give up.

Keep watching out for others, keep reporting suspicious information.  They are still out there and if we go into sleep mode, they will strike again.

One of the things in many of the meetings that were held was that citizens were looking for a "what to do" package.  Thanks to the hard work of a local resource, Jim Garrett, he has prepared a document to be used to help us continue to prevent this crime.  Information is also available on what to to in case a theft does occur.

Now this is not a cover all but it does a very good job of covering most everything that you as a citizen need to know and what you can do to help stop this problem.

The document is listed below in a couple of different formats so hopefully one will work for you.  If not, let me know and we will try our best to get you a copy.

Cattle Rustling Info