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Veterans Day - Message from the Sheriff

An American flag waving in the breeze

We at the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office are humbled by the bravery and courage of the veterans in our community and in our country. Every year when we celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th, we are reminded to thank our family, friends, community members, and especially our very own officers and staff, who have served or are serving in all branches of the military. Our veterans and their families have made many sacrifices to keep our country safe.

We strongly encourage everyone to think of our veterans and thank them when you see them. We support and honor our veterans, not just on Veterans Day, but every day of the year.

Again, we especially want to thank the men and women of the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office who have served and are still serving Lawrence County and The United States of America.

Sheriff Brad A. DeLay

Chris BerryLt. Chris Berry
U.S. Army

Eric Clay
Deputy Eric Clay
U.S. Army

Gary DouceySgt. Gary Doucey
U.S. Navy & U.S. Navy Reserve
Jon FordLt. Jon Ford
U.S. Army

Jim Kotlarz
Deputy Jim Kotlarz
U.S. Army Reserve

Ron MalegaDeputy Ron Malega
U.S. Army Reserve

Melissa Phillips
Sgt. Melissa Phillips
National Guard

Stephen VollmerDeputy Stephen Vollmer
U.S. Army
Joseph TannerJailor Joseph Tanner
U.S. Army
Deputy Gary Klossing
U.S. Army
Deputy Tim Bruce
Army National Guard

Deputy Aron Jones
Army National Guard