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Missouri Sheriff's Association bringing Basic Police Academy to Mt. Vernon


Starting August 2010 the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office will begin hosting a Basic Police Academy at the Judicial Center in Mt. Vernon.  This is an effort between the Sheriff's Office and the Missouri Sheriff's Association.

Sheriff DeLay and Academy director Ron Carroll have been working on the details of the academy for several months and it is now in the final planning stages.  The academy offered will attract people interested in a law enforcement career from all over the state.  Approximately 40 people will be able to attend the 700 hour basic academy which will run in the evenings for approximately 11 months.

Those interested in pursuing a law enforcement job or career can obtain more information from the Sheriff's Association web site at  The cost of the academy will be $3,900.00 plus a $185.00 registration fee.  College credit and financial aid is also available through Missouri State University - West Plains.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.