Dispatch Supervisor Rebecca Burton

The Lawrence County E911/Dispatch is located in the Lawrence County Jail Facility and is under the leadership and direction of E911/Dispatch Supervisor Becky Burton.  Also staffing the E911/Dispatchers are Mechelle Siegrist, Michelle Fobair, Renee Chitwood, Marissa DelMoral and Brooke Hankins.

The E911/Dispatch is responsible for all incoming calls via E911 and LAN line telephones for the Sheriff’s Office.  They also dispatch all requests and calls for service for the Sheriff’s Office, five municipal police departments, and eight fire departments.  Other duties include electronically controlling detention doors, monitoring surveillance system, entering records in CAD system, handling all inquiries and entries into the M.U.L.E.S. / N.C.I.C. system, all warrant and exparte entry and validation.

Each member of the E911/Dispatch Staff is required to become M.U.L.E.S. certified and also receiving on-going training through A.P.C.O.



Dispatcher Mechelle Siegrist

Dispatcher Brooke Hankins

Dispatcher Michelle Fobair (Not Pictured)
Dispatcher Renee Chitwood (Not Pictured) 

Dispatcher Marissa DelMoral (Not Pictured)




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